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The name Asklepion comes from the temples of the medical god Asklepios.

There were more than 200 Asklepion in ancient Greek cities. The most famous and the largest of these temples are located in Pergamon, Izmir. These temples had been used as hospitals.

We decided to operate under this name with the vision that the lands that are the healing centers of antiquity, Anatolia and the Aegean Sea, can be the center of healing again together with today's technologies...

Building bridges between projects that integrate technologies for reshaping the future of the global health ecosystem.
Collaborating with anyone who looks at ordinary things with different perspectives and produces concrete, feasible, sustainable and rational solutions in order to develop creative ideas.



Blockchain technology, which ensures the immutability and transparent traceability of records, provides a safer protocol between smart contracts and all elements of the ecosystem.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR mainly used in physical therapy, rehabilitation, patient motivation, psychological therapy, support in complex surgical operations, personal training and development, has a positive impact on the health care ecosystem.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology designed in Marker-Based or Markerless types is used in the fields of physician training, surgical operations, pharmaceutical industry, rehabilitation and more fields in health care.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The importance of artificial intelligence in the health care ecosystem in various use cases such as diagnosis, treatment planning, dosages of medicines, etc. is increasing year by year.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications that help provide patient data and operational solutions to the health ecosystem offer significant benefits by working integrated with a variety of technologies.


A significant output of Artificial Intelligence and the use of chatbots in the health ecosystem, which is the perfect health assistant for patients, are limited to the imagination.




Let's come up with an idea or turn your idea into a project.



You are supported by professional approaches in the project.



Let's grow your presence in the global market place and manage it together.


Dr. Eser Uyanık

Dr. Eser Uyanık

Caner Okan

Caner Okan

Serkan Saraçcı

Serkan Saraççı

Musa C. Minaz

Musa C. Minaz

Co-Founder / Developer
Jolanda ter Maten

Jolanda ter Maten, MSc

Chief Advisor
Ayşegül Bilik

Ayşegül Birlik, Pharm., MSc.

Dr. Mehmet Kılınç

Op. Dr. Mehmet Kılınç

Avsar Akal

Afşar Akal

Arife Unal Eroglu

Arife Ünal Eroğlu, Ph.D.


The Advantages of Being on the Asklepion Team

You'll be supported in the creation of qualified teams for your personal projects that you dream of making happen.

Making the right ideas to meet with the right communities and partnering with pilot programs.

Even if you don't produce projects, if you want to be part of different projects or teams, you will be supported in this regard.

You can promote your projects more efficiently on different platforms with us.

You can take advantage of global internship opportunities for real industry experiences and strengthen your knowledge with real-life experiences.

To Be Part of the Asklepion Team

If you are involved in the medical ecosystem, you would want to contribute to any areas of this ecosystem.
If you are aware of the current scientific and technological developments in the field of medicine and if you want to produce content that is appropriate to this framework and vision, then let’s communicate.
If you are confident in one or more of the processes of software, operation, design, communication, organization, and concept creation, then let's touch base.
If you understand one or more areas of developing software projects, UI/UX, frontend, and backend, then you can reach us out.
If you have the goal of developing blockchain, smart contracts, blockchain platforms, blockchain networks, blockchain layers, dApps (Decentralized Applications), mobile applications, web applications, then let's collaborate.
If you are experienced in analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Gamification, 3D printing technologies, Nanorobotics, IoT, or eager to increase your experience, then we welcome your ideas and insights.

Join the team!

If you want to help us spread publications to a wider audience, which is an important tool for reaching out to visionary people who has current solutions and dreams about the future. Most importantly, if you have deep knowledge and great dreams with high motivation, you are suitable for the Asklepion team.



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Implement your technology experiments.


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